About Us

Izobella Maree is the name of my little girl and my passion for children's fashion came from having her so it was only right that I used her name for my vision. I have always loved fashion though, I started sewing as a child making my own clothes and Barbie clothes, I still have the lavender tube dress with pink stitching that I made and loved as a kid. I made ZLettie when I was in my early 20's which was a hand cut, sewn and made by me on my little Bernette 55 fashion online shop for women. I eventually gave that up to become a lighting engineer and then further went on to study business whilst being a lighting designer and mum. Eventually I came back to my love of fashion and opened Izobella Maree in 2021 representing other brands but I really needed to make my own clothes because I just have so much creativity in me. Its been an incredibly slow start having worked years on my first collection and then launching in the middle of a cost of living crisis that affects so many including myself. But I cant give up at the first hurdle. I will keep going. I have so many beautiful designs in my head that just need to come to life! So do come along on this journey with me and Izobella and one day when the time is right we will make some exciting announcements that will benefit the community as a whole and I just cant wait for that.
God Bless You All.
Letty xxx

Here for the Good

One thing I have always had a passion for is supporting other women in business and now I have the opportunity to do so by selecting carefully those who I collaborate with for Izobella Maree. From tech packs to photography (@ravenphotography) to web support and more, all are woman. As I progress with this business I'd love to support many more amazing causes; for now though, bearing in mind how many people are impacted by the cost of living crisis and the emotional strain the last few years have had on everyone I have included a link below for mental health support options that are free. Its Okay to not be Okay. Having struggled with mental health myself in the past I can tell you from my experience that healing is a journey of highs and lows that takes time but if you persist you will get there! Love to all, Letty 🤎🤍🤎

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